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EN: Hey! I decided to participate in Songtember 2022 and I will try to make and share some songs during September. Hope you like it!

PT: Olá! Decidi participar na Songtember 2022 e vou tentar fazer e partilhar algumas músicas durante o mês de Setembro. Espero que gostem!

Link: https://on.soundcloud.com/nsyv

T H E    T R A C K S

1st day - Short (Prompt: Short)
2nd day - ⭐ the other side of the dreams ☁  (Prompt: Dream)
3rd day 🤖 old technologies ☎ (Prompt: Techno)
4th day - 
sim ou não (I did not use the Prompt for this day)
5th dayCaptain! (Prompt: Ships;  made with beepbox)
6th day - Mess (Prompt: Conflict)
7th day - Kitten Chaos (Prompt: Cats)
8th day - ---
9th day - ---
10th day - Confusion (Prompt: Vaporwave)

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AuthorDiogo Cruz

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